The Giottiline Therry T37 Motorhome - Unbeatable comfort at an affordable price

Giottiline Therry T37

The semi-integrated motorhome Therry T37 by Giottiline has 4 seating and 2 sleeping options. The mobile home is based on a Citroen Jumper and is powered by a 2.2 liter diesel engine with 140 hp.

A technically approved maximum mass of 3,500 kg and a weight of 3,098 kg when ready to drive enable a payload of 402 kg.

Some outstanding features of the Therry T37 by Giottiline include:

  1. King-size single beds that provide a comfortable sleeping space.
  2. A day/night sliding partition door for privacy and flexibility in the interior.
  3. 6 hanging cabinets that offer record storage space for keeping items organized.
  4. A maxi-garage for additional storage space for larger objects.

Learn more about Therry T37 by watching the video.

What base vehicle was used for the Therry T37?

The Therry T37 is based on the Citroen Jumper. A 2.2 liter diesel engine is installed in the basic version.

The engine delivers 140 hp in the basic version. It is shifted via a 6-speed manual gearbox.

A 9-speed automatic converter (only possible with Fiat) is available as an option in addition to the standard manual gearbox. A more powerful drive variant with 180 hp based on Fiat is optionally available.

The Citroen Jumper has the following safety equipment ex works:

  • Start & Stop automatic
  • ESP and ASR
  • Low beam automatically
  • ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist
  • reversing sensors

Dimensions and weights of the Therry T37

The size of the Therry T37 is 739 cm in length, 232 cm in width and 289 cm in height. The wheelbase measures 404 cm.

The headroom inside the mobile home is cm. In the standard condition, the permissible total mass of the mobile home is 3,500 kg.

When ready to drive, the mobile home has a mass of 3,098 kg. When towing a trailer with brakes, a maximum load of 2,500 kg must not be exceeded. When towing a trailer without its own brakes, a maximum load of 750 kg must not be exceeded.

Dimensions of the Therry T37

  • Length: 739 cm
  • Width: 232 cm
  • Height: 289 cm
  • Wheelbase: 404 cm
  • Headroom in the living area: cm
  • Main bed dimensions: 83x198 - 83x193 cm cm

Therry T37 weights

  • Technically permissible total mass: 3,500 kg
  • Mass in running order: 3,098 kg
  • Maximum trailer load braked: 2,500 kg
  • Maximum trailer load without brakes: 750 kg

Capacity of the Therry T37

  • Fuel tank: 75 liter liters
  • Fresh water volume: 100 liters
  • Volume of the waste water tank: 100 liters


Frame windows that are flush with the body shape the appearance of the body. The flap to the cassette toilet is on the passenger side.

The shore power connection is on the passenger side. Access to the fresh water filling can be found on the driver's side.

The Therry T37 has 16 inch rims as standard. The electric step ensures comfortable entry into the body.

A fly screen is already installed in the sliding door as standard.


living room / dinette

Wohnraum Therry T37

2 people can sit comfortably in the dinette. Thanks to the rotating function of the driver and front passenger seats, they can be integrated into the living area and offer extra seating in the dinette.

There are roof storage compartments above the dinette. The hinged window offers good lighting and improved air circulation in the dinette.

The table can be extended for more space, which means that the table can also be used comfortably from the passenger seat.

The bathroom

The mobile home has a cassette toilet with a capacity of 19 liters. The bathroom is also equipped with a washbasin.

A mirror should not be missing either. Lockers are available to store bathroom utensils. The bathroom has a roof hatch for sufficient ventilation.


Küche Therry T37

The kitchen has a 3-flame cooker with piezo ignition and glass cover. A stainless steel sink is integrated into the kitchen block.

Part of the kitchen is also a . The refrigerator has a capacity of 150 litres.

sleeping places

Bett Therry T37

The main bed is a lengthways bed. The dimensions of the bed are 83x198 - 83x193 cm.

The bed is equipped with a cold foam mattress so that it is also comfortable.


A Truma Combi C4000 heater ensures pleasant warmth.

The floor plan of the Therry T37 shows the interior layout

Grundriss Therry T37

How much does the Therry T37 cost?

The base price of the Therry T37 is around 78,000 euros. (Status: 06.2023)


As a semi-integrated motorhome, the Therry T37 for 2 people is the perfect choice. The interior is spacious and offers many storage options. All in all a successful mobile home that you can include in the shortlist.

questions and answers

How big is the bed in Therry T37?

The main bed of Therry T37 has the dimensions 83x198 - 83x193 cm.

How much payload does the Therry T37 have?

The manufacturer specifies the maximum payload of the Therry T37 as 402 kg. The effective payload may vary due to individual equipment features and tolerances.

How much does the Therry T37 cost?

The base price of the Therry T37 is around 78,000 euros. (Status: 06.2023)

How big is the fresh water tank in the Therry T37?

The fresh water tank of the Therry T37 holds 100 liters.

How big is the waste water tank in the Therry T37?

The Therry T37's waste water tank holds 100 liters.

What kind of heating does the Therry T37 have?

A Truma Combi C4000 heater is installed in the Therry T37 as standard.

How long is the Therry T37?

The Therry T37 is 739 cm long, 232 cm wide and 289 cm high.

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